SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector

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Blast off and dance among the stars every night with SpaceWalker our one of a kind starry sky projector lamp. It projects different scenes onto your wall, & doubles as a lamp.. now that’s value!

Never again fall asleep staring at the wall, watching the paint dry.. this night time lamp comes with 5 different scenes to choose from including starry sky, constellations, happy bday, magical planet, and undersea world!

This one of a kind projector lamp will relax you and have you drifting off to the most amazing adventure filled dreams.. and with 6 different light effects you can set it to bed time perfection

Battery Type: AA
Voltage: 5v
Wattage: 0-5W

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SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector
SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector
SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector
SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector
SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector
SpaceWalker - Starry Sky Projector