Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights

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Change the room’s aesthetics with one click

To feel lost in aesthetics was a tough order for decorative lamps until now. Koana’s smooth LED lights bring an immersive atmosphere to any room you put them in.

Pick from one of the 16M colors using the remote control and set a vivid or quiet tone by changing the brightness. In a minimalistic fashion, Koana is thin, elegant and discrete.

Instead of shining directly, Koana spreads its lights on the walls to create a smooth atmosphere, bringing emotions into colors all around your room!

Why Koana is for you

Set a vivid vibe- Koana creates a smooth atmosphere by charging the walls with luminous lighting in any tone you want!

Complete color control- Create your own color using the remote control. Choose how bright and in which color your night is going to be!

Decorative innovation- Koana takes a minimalistic approach other colorful lights haven’t reached yet and brings simple elegance to your home.

Koana is the ultimate choice- From the deep blue ocean to the red bright dust, Koana’s vivid lighting can put you on a different planet with a push of a button!

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Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights
Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights
Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights
Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights
Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights
Koana™ - Adjustable LED floor lights